Automated WordPress Translations

Streamline Your Website Translations

If you want to translate your website’s content there are many routes for doing so. While you can use a tool like WPML to manage your multilingual content, doing so can be an inefficient and manual process. You either have to…

  • Translate the content directly in the fields of WPML, which is not ideal – there’s no reuse, no terminology, and no consistency. Or,
  • Manually export contents to external files, share them with translators, then receive files and import them back. So if you realize you need to make one small change, but you’ve already exported the contents and sent them to your translator, you’ll need to repeat this process. Over and over again.
Luckily, it doesn’t have to work that way.

Our translation server environment has a Content Management System (CMS) connector that automates a lot of manual work required to share and translate, and then receive and publish, translated content.

This means we can provide a completely automated translation workflow between WPML and our professional translators. Our server will execute a wholly customized process of receiving the files, setting up translation projects, analyzing content, and applying existing translation memories. Our professional translators will then translate the remaining content. Once this is done, all appropriate quality assurance procedures are executed and translations are returned to your WordPress site.

What does all this mean for you?

Your WordPress site admin simply has to choose our translation server as a translation environment, select content to translate, and that’s it! You get to keep working on your site, and we offer you a completely featured translation process without the hassle of manual distribution, and tracking and receipt of the translatable content.