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So Much More Than Words.

Helping create a global culture of mutual respect and understanding by providing clear and effective localization services.

Translation & Localization Services

Communication Knows No Borders

Your business’ reputation is too valuable to risk having your materials translated inaccurately or even offensively by an online translation engine. If you need to localize your business content, make sure it’s taken care of by seasoned professionals.

Localization Services

Comprehension Beyond Definition

Make sense of metaphors, analogies, and idioms. Localization service providers help ensure that your content is culturally appropriate for any locale or market.

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Interpretation Services

Relaying the Spoken Word

Real-time interpretation requires more than just written fluency in a language. Our interpreters are trained to capture tone, inflection, and more.

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Translation Is an Essential Element in Virtually Every Industry

From Medical to Global Business

Our experience runs the gamut. We’ve translated marketing materials for large international businesses, user guides for software companies, patient treatment plans, and more.


Building Partnerships With Our Valued Clients

For More Than 20 Years

What Our Customers Say…

IVANNOVATION is one of our preferred Localization Service Providers, providing us with translations to 20+ languages. We regularly have work that needs to be translated urgently. The team is always on hand and prompt to respond to our requests. We trust IVANNOVATION with all our language requirements and know the finished product will be delivered on time and with the expected quality.

Dion BomersInfor

With their excellent customer service, quick turnaround time, and quality translations, IVANNOVATION has become an integral part of AFL’s global communications.

Katie KlaiberAFL

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