Language Localization involves taking a product (such as a software application) and making it linguistically and culturally appropriate to the target market.

If your business operates in the United States and wishes to expand to foreign markets, there comes a point when it makes sense to translate items associated with your product or service—such as the user interface, documentation, online help, website, etc.—into other languages and/or dialects. This step is essential to gaining traction in the target market.

IVANNOVATION makes your product accessible to a new audience. We can work together with your development staff or use our own localization engineers to:

  • Do initial localization assessment of your product
  • Extract and translate your content
  • Help you build your product in another language
  • Test your translated product

We provide the following specific services:

  • Create and compile online help
  • Perform desktop publishing
  • Edit screenshots
  • Create test plans
  • Calculate costs and time required to localize a project

Talk to us about what you need, and we can make your software or content look as great in another language as it does in your own.