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What Are Localization Services?

Localization services require not only translating text accurately, but also taking a product—such as a software application or website—and making it usable and beautiful in a foreign language and culturally appropriate for a foreign market.

In our increasingly connected global community, websites, software, mobile apps, etc. must be localized for use in multiple regions. But not just anyone can localize software or web content properly. Using inexperienced translators rather than an experienced localization team can cost companies in the long run.

IVANNOVATION has localized some of the biggest and most complex software systems on the planet for more than 20 years. That means that for us website and app localization is easy. When you partner with IVANNOVATION for localization services, you get not only language translation accuracy, but also the technical know-how to make your app, software, or website truly global.

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The Vital Role of Localization—By the Numbers

. . . of non-English speaking web users say they would rather make purchases on websites in their own language.

. . . spend more time on websites in their own language or use only sites in their language.

. . . of non-English speaking web users never or rarely buy from English websites.

. . . of internet users do not use English as their main language.

—only 41%—of the Internet is in languages other than English.

. . . average conversion rate increase in target markets when translating only landing pages and ads.

. . . average conversion rate increase in target markets when translating all web content.

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Our 5 Step Localization Process


Planning & Discovery

At this stage IVANNOVATION helps you explore your current technical environment, international marketing objectives, functional requirements, and potential pitfalls in order to streamline the localization process and set you up to deploy multilingual websites, software, or apps that perform. Ideally this stage can begin even before the English site or software has been developed or when localization is still only a dream of future success.

Laying the Groundwork

At this stage IVANNOVATION guides you through a list of questions regarding the foundational structure of your localized software or website in order to be fully prepared for a rapid and successful multilingual deployment. The questions deal with UI design, multilingual plugin or extension requirements, code readiness, URL structure, language selection methods, payment processing, units of measure, and so on.


In this stage you deliver your content to our translators via either uploaded language resource files or by a fully automated integration between your website CMS and our translation systems. Our expert translators begin work and deliver your translations after our 3-point quality assurance process.

LQA & Localization Testing

Now you are ready to test the localized software or website and report any unforeseen functional bugs or syntactical issues that may have emerged. IVANNOVATION cooperates closely with your developers to optimize every screen and every string for a perfect user experience.

Go Live, Maintenance, and Marketing

Finally, you deploy your multilingual product to a global audience! Iterate and optimize based on insights from user analysis and multilingual SEO. IVANNOVATION uses your translation memory databases to give you future localization cost savings. Your company takes the path to global success.

What Our Customers Say—

IVANNOVATION is one of our preferred Localization Service Providers, providing us with translations to 20+ languages. We regularly have work that needs to be translated urgently. The team is always on hand and prompt to respond to our requests. We trust IVANNOVATION with all our language requirements and know the finished product will be delivered on time and with the expected quality.”
—Dion B., Infor

With their excellent customer service, quick turnaround time, and quality translations, IVANNOVATION has become an integral part of AFL’s global communications.”
—Katie K., AFL

The localization of our new career website was fast and easy. IVANNOVATION provided high quality work in a very short time frame. We will definitely use them again!”
—Stephanie F., Milliken & Company

Building Partnerships With Valued Customers

For More Than 20 Years

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IVANNOVATION's 3-Step Quality Assurance Process

Because You Want to Give Your Users a Finely Honed UX in Every Language

1) Subject Matter Experts Translate

Precise translations resonate with users. Top quality foreign language content requires the disciplined eye of a carefully vetted expert linguist. That’s why IVANNOVATION’s linguists are:

  • Native speakers of the target language
  • Certified by top authorities such as the American Translators Association
  • Experienced in software, app, or web localization
  • Knowledgeable of related industries

2) Second Set of Linguists Edit

Finely polished prose is an imperative for professional content. Publishers know this, so they always have editors polish text after writers are done. Fresh eyes catch mistakes that authors miss. In translation, this step is all too often neglected, but IVANNOVATION’s editors ensure that our translated content really shines. They:

  • Detect inaccuracies
  • Clean up grammar and spelling errors
  • Smooth over awkward or confusing phrasings
  • Enforce the client’s terminology and style requirements

3) Automated Tools Analyze

Some tasks are better left to machines. Our automated QA tools augment human editing by combing translations for the types of errors best discovered by computers. They search for:

  • Inconsistencies between translations of identical source texts
  • Spelling errors
  • Use of forbidden words or non-use of required terminology
  • Numbers that are different between the source and target text
  • Computer code or variable errors

What Do We Localize?

IVANNOVATION localizes a variety of web-based and electronic communication as well as software applications, including:

  • Websites
  • eCommerce Stores
  • WordPress Sites
  • Web Marketing Content
  • eLearning Materials
  • Online Help
  • eBooks
  • Social Media Content
  • Blog Articles
  • iPhone Apps
  • iPad Apps
  • Android Apps
  • Software Programs
  • Video Games
  • Computer Games
  • Mobile Games
  • Software UI (User Interfaces)
  • IoT Device Interfaces
  • ERP Systems
  • Manufacturing Terminal Interfaces
  • Warehouse Barcode Scanner Interfaces
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • Human Capital Management Systems (HCM)
  • CMS Content
  • HTML Files
  • XML Files
  • JSON Files
  • XLSX Files (Bilingual Excel Spreadsheets)
  • Software Language Resource Files
  • Robohelp XPJ Files
  • And Others

Target Languages

Our language localization services have helped companies make content appropriate for people who speak languages used around the world, including:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Finnish
  • French
  • French (Canada)
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Thai
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese

Did You Hear About the Time We Saved Our Customer $30,000.00?


IVANNOVATION saved a single customer $30,000 on a single translation project.

Here’s what happened:

A software company asked IVANNOVATION for a quote to translate a user guide from English into another language. It also sent the RFQ to a few other translation companies.

We asked the customer to give us any previously translated materials, and here’s where the magic happened.

Working with some of the top translation technology engineers, we took all of the content in English and in the other language and aligned the texts. That means we took the English sentences and their foreign language translations and lined them up. The process was similar to lining up the sentences and their translations in two columns of a spreadsheet.

Next we saved these aligned translations into a translation memory file.

Then we used the translation memory to pretranslate all of the content that had been translated before. This step resulted in much of the content being translated for free.

Finally, we delivered our quote to the customer. Whereas our competitors were quoting around $120,000, our quote was $30,000 less.

Even though our per word translation rate was comparable to that of our competitors, we offered a total project quote that was 25% less than our cheapest competitor.

You’ve heard of “working smarter, not harder.” We saved our customer money on this huge project by working smarter, not cheaper.

That’s why our localization customers come back to us year after year. We use:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Innovative methodology
  • Top translators

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