Since the advent of spoken language and development of regional dialects, humans have relied on their ability to translate in order to facilitate communication across different groups. Over time, languages—and their associated cultures—have gotten far more complex, making effective translation an essential element in everything from geopolitics to global business.

Nowadays, a good, experienced foreign language translator not only translates words, they interpret the nuances and distinctions behind them, conveying meaning to the listener or reader in a way that enables true understanding.

The ability of an individual to speak two languages—even fluently—does not by itself make him or her a good translator. Professional translation requires years of linguistic education—reinforced by years of experience. At Ivannovation, we use only professional translators who are native speakers of the target language and experts in their fields.

In other words, if you need your User’s Manual to be read in Spain, we will have it translated in Spain, by a professional linguist who resides there and knows the subject matter covered in the Manual. We will not ask a linguist in Mexico to translate your User’s Manual into European Spanish. With this approach, we are able to faithfully convey cultural and lexical distinctions to ensure that your message will not be lost.

These fine shades of meaning may not seem important at a first glance, but we have seen countless companies decide to initially forego professional translation and suffer the consequences. After wasting time, effort and money, they have come to us seeking expert re-translation of their materials.

As part of our services, we will also maintain a database of all your bilingual data. This means that when it comes time for an update, there is no need to translate unchanged passages. We will carefully and seamlessly update only new and changed content, thereby saving you money and always ensuring consistent, cohesive materials for distribution.

We can help you with the following needs and more:

  • Translate large volumes—millions of words
  • Build glossaries
  • Align existing translations for reuse
  • Edit and maintain translation memories
  • Research, define and maintain terminology

For our larger clients, we maintain dedicated teams of translators. This ensures that your materials will be translated by the same person, who intimately knows your style and your subject matter. The result is greater consistency, better accuracy, and shorter time to market.