Expert Translation Services for 20 Years

Technical translations need to be accurate.

IVANNOVATION began in 1998 when a few professional translators in Greenville, South Carolina recognized this need. They gathered capable translators who understood not only English and the target language, but also software.

For two decades IVANNOVATION has been growing its network of expert translators who are all professionally trained in not only software but other types of technical fields. They know foreign language translation and their fields of expertise —and they care about quality just as much as we do.

We have gathered an army of linguists. But they aren’t just any army, not just privates, and new recruits. They are the special forces that can deliver your project in a timely, accurate, and efficient way.


Our Core Values


We stand by our core values, which define us and drive everything we do—whether it be foreign language translation, localization, consulting, or technical writing/content development.


We employ the latest in translation technology to ensure consistency of the translation regardless. Whether it is a small project translating marketing materials or is thousands of pages that we continually updated over the decades, you can be confident your content will be accurate.

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We bring you efficiency in terms of not only of your time but also of your financial investment. We manage the translation project for you, leaving you free to do what you do best rather than spending hours communicating with translators. We also use your historical translation data in order to cut down on the number of sentences you need to pay to translate on every subsequent translation.


Every translation goes through a two step quality assurance process. First, the translation by one linguist is proofread by another linguist. This step weeds out linguistic errors and ensures that the final product reads smoothly and naturally. Second, our project managers run tests on the translation to eliminate inconsistency as well as technical errors relating to the code or formatting.

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Our expert translators, all native speakers of the target language, know about the topics they are translating. Many have degrees in IT related fields, many in construction and engineering, but all of them have extensive experience translating just the kind of technical topics that our clients bring to us.

Memberships and Community Involvement

IVANNOVATION is proud to provide translation services in Greenville, SC and across the world. Even though we do most of our work for clients who are far away, we also love to work with our neighbors here in the Upstate of South Carolina and to participate in its growth through local business organizations.

We are proud to be members of the Greenville Chamber whose mission is to organize local business leaders to promote economic growth in Greenville County.

We are also proud to be an investor in Upstate SC Alliance whose mission is to market the northwestern section of South Carolina to national and international business investors.

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