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So, you have expanded your business to a foreign market and are now looking to get better impressions from local customers. Well, the first thing you have to do is to get your company’s content translated into the local language so that natives can understand it better.

However, you can only get your documents or other content pieces translated one-by-one—that’s why you need to prioritize what you get translated first.

Wondering what to prioritize? I got you covered. Here are the top five things you should prioritize for translation.

the types of content a company should prioritize for translation

No company has an unlimited budget. Read on to learn the types of content a company should prioritize for translation.

Your Company Website

If your new potential customers don’t even understand the contents of your website, they won’t purchase anything from you. That’s why translating your website to the new native language should be your top priority.

This includes all the web pages of your website, including the home page, About Us page, Services page, and others.

Terms and Conditions

Your company’s terms of use, also known as terms and conditions, are important documents that depict how your customers should use your products or services. If you don’t deliver them concisely and clearly, you may face many legal issues.

To avoid any unexpected legal problems, get your terms and conditions translated as soon as possible. After that, post these documents on your website, and ship them with all of your products and services when a customer purchases them.

translation of legal documents

A company doing business abroad needs legal documents such as terms and conditions and privacy policies translated into the languages of the target market.

Privacy Policy

Privacy is a rising concern in today’s digital world. Throughout recent years, we have seen many tech giants losing their trustworthiness due to privacy scandals. Such a scandal can shake the reputation of any company.

To save yourself from any privacy issues occurring due to miscommunication, you should get your privacy policy translated as soon as possible.


Humans tend to listen to others who speak their native language. If the testimonials on your website are only posted in English, potential customers who speak other languages won’t pay much attention to them.

That’s why you should prioritize getting your testimonials translated. Post them on your website,  as well as on your social media accounts.

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Marketing Material

Last but not least, you need to translate all the content you use for your marketing. That includes brochures, the emails and newsletters you send, the posts you make on social media, the photos you upload to Instagram—and anything else related to marketing.

Translating your marketing material also lets you stand out from the crowd and leave your competition behind. That’s because customers get to see hundreds of marketing posts throughout the day — and most of them are in English.

If you translate your marketing content, you can connect with your potential customers at a personal level. It would give you an upper hand and more opportunities to sell your services or products.

Japan Downtown Buildings, translate marketing materials

Marketing materials should be translated into the languages of target markets. Prospects cannot be expected to convert into customers if they have to read about your company in a language they can’t understand or are uncomfortable with.

Important: Use Only High-Quality Translation Services for Your Business Content

As your business content is sensitive material, you can’t afford to rely on cheesy translation services. For instance, if you use a low-quality translation service and they make mistakes while translating your Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, you could end up in a tricky situation.

Always choose professional translation providers that have the relevant translation equipment and industry expertise that relate to your content.

The Bottom Line

There you have it—these are all the important pieces of content that you should prioritize while translating your business services. Remember, providing your content in localized languages will enable you to connect with foreign markets in a much better way.

Furthermore, it’s important to rely on high-quality translation services only. Working with lower-quality services could put you into some very tricky situations—which, of course, you want to avoid at all costs.

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