We, here at Ivannovation, are proud to announce our latest feature in the GSA Business Report regarding our translation services, in time for our 20th anniversary coming up July of 2018.

Expert Translation Services

Foreign translation services have been our specialty since 1998. We provide these services to various businesses, which include complex and technical fields. We specialize in helping companies and firms in the fields of construction, law, manufacturing, and software.

Currently, we have 350 translators who are experts in 35 different languages. A client who needs a French translation, for example, will be assigned a translator living in France. This is because we believe that our clients should have the most accurate translations possible. Canadian French or French spoken anywhere other than France may vary in colloquialisms and other aspects.

Expert translation services
Besides translation services, we also offer consulting and localization services. By consulting with us, we can help with matters such as a foreign launch of a product or service. Localization helps with assuring that a product, service or website is culturally accurate for its target market.

Building Bridges Through Our Translation Services

Be sure to read the full article, “Ivannovation builds bridges through expert translation” to find out how we came up with our company name and more.

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