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Many of the most challenging tasks require software tools. And although it seems like most people to think that translation is a simple matter of switching words out with their dictionary definitions, in fact, translation is an art and a science and can be incredibly complex.

Consequently, translators always yearn for better translation software tools that simplify and automate timewasting tasks so that they can focus on the art of translation and can produce more accurate output with greater efficiency.

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Here are 10 top translation software tools that can turn the table for your business with high-quality translations. From downsizing the business cost to slashing your time, these tools can reinforce your translation efforts with efficiency and accuracy.

Let’s delve deep into the importance of using translation tools and back it with pertinent facts and figures.

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Translation software can help translators increase efficiency via integrations and automation.

Importance of using Translation Software Tools 

Did you know?

A survey of translators found that they believed that using translation software tools can step up their productivity by at least 30%.

That’s because it frees them from performing repetitive, low-value tasks so that they can focus on the linguistic element of their work.

Relying on cutting-edge translation tools, you can deliver localized digital content (like office documents, online assets, etc.) to overseas markets without all the hassle.

Not to mention, software aided translation has its own set of paybacks that include:

  • Increased Productivity-Translators produce more translated content in less time.
  • Promising Quality- Modern-age software tools offer content that is of top quality since they are armed with not only traditional tools like spellcheck, but also advanced tools that check for grammar or consistency errors.
  • Agility-Technology streamlines project management, meaning that projects can go from request to start and from finish to publishing in less time.
  • Reduces human errors- Software-aided translation helps to run quality control checks and propound suggestions for structures. Such suggestions are based on the client’s glossary and translation memories.
  • Time Management- Leveraging translation tools, Project Managers can oversee the progress of a project, pledging on-time delivery.

Not convinced yet?

10 Best Translation Software Tools

Having the right translation technology can dramatically increase productivity and quality of translation.

Here are some numbers to help you grasp the importance of translation software tools in the business world:

  • As per a business survey, more than 85% of professional translators use Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools. Out of that, more than 75% have used a minimum of two CAT tools.
  • Companies using translation software tools have undergone a 60% rise in productivity. Additionally, they also proclaimed that the localization process took 40% less time.

If you are also looking to hire software developers for developing translation software, ensure you know about some of the best translation software tools.

Here are the top 10 localization and translation tools for professional translators on which you can bet your bottom dollar in 2021.

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Top 10 Translation Software Tools

Here are 10 best translation software tools that have topped the chart in 2021:


Designed specifically for translators, this highly advanced CAT tool has features like terminology management, project templates, TM, quality control, MT, custom file importing, alignment, etc.

Furthermore, memoQ offers integration with a plethora of third-party applications like iLangl, FirstSpirit, Plunet, XTRF, WordPress, Git-based repositories, FTP, FlowFit, Protemos, etc.

This translation software suite runs on Microsoft Windows.


It is a Cloud-based translation software that is conducive for project management.

Memsource boasts of its exemplary features, some of which include Terminology management, Translation Memory, and editing. These features play a pivotal role in augmenting business productivity.

This AI-powered technology also offers a desktop solution that can be installed on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

This advanced application merges with several other platforms like Bitbucket, Contentful, Dropbox, FTP, Google Drive, GitHub, Hakromedia, HubSpot, Kentico, Marketo, Microsoft SharePoint, etc.


A fast-growing translation tool that boasts of immaculate UI/UX and reasonable pricing, this multi-platform software helps agile teams to translate their digital assets expediently, reducing costs, and eliminating monotonous tasks.

With the Lokalise translation software tool, you can translate the localization files, design advanced localization workflows, collaborate with software localization projects in a single platform, etc.

Lokalise consolidates with different applications like:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Azure Repos
  • Bitbucket
  • Django
  • Grunt
  • Docker
  • Python SDK, etc.

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This is a free, web-based translation management system. Adding to its credentials, it manages the translation team and offers a plethora of CAT features like terminology management, translation memory, machine translation, etc.

This cloud-based application offers optimized, high-end linguistic services 3x faster than traditional processes.

Furthermore, Smartcat handles payments, multiple vendors, and diverging workflows too.

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Transifex helps companies, ranging from Startups to Enterprises, to expand their horizons. Further, it has a SaaS-based translation platform that sustains businesses to translate digital content. Such content includes websites, videos, mobile apps, games, subtitles, etc.

It is also regarded as a globalization management system. With Transifex, it is highly convenient to accumulate, translate, and deliver digital text and content.

Transifex helps with localization with several third-party entities like Bitbucket, Github, Figma, Ruby on Rails, Big Commerce, Grunt, Python, Drupal, LexiQA, Deepal, etc.


Often tagged as the leading translation software platform, Phrase helps small and large enterprises alike to scale the translation process via automation. Adding to its credentials, Phrase trims the turnaround times in half and scales up the localization process significantly.

Phrase ensures to augment translation quality and consistency via features like Translation Memory, SmartSuggest, Glossary, In-Context Editor, etc.

Phrase is known to offer an extensive range of integration possibilities like:

  • Sketch/Figma plugin
  • Slack Integration
  • WordPress Integration
  • GitHub Sync
  • Phrase’s API,
  • Zapier Integration
  • Jira Integration,
  • Mobile SDK

SDL Trados Studio

Trados Studio is a desktop application that helps you to make the most out of a machine translation. It can be customized and enables glossary preparation, quality control, TM creation, auto-suggest alignment, etc.

In other words, it is the complete translation package for language professionals. Not only it offers flexibility to translators, but also offers reduced cost and easy project management.


This translation software tool offers a web-based service to developers and plays a pivotal role in the translation of web apps, support documentation, mobile apps, games, etc.

That’s not all!

Crowdin automates content with the features of the core, has Translation Memory, offers quality assurance checks, etc.

Crowdin merges with a plethora of third-party applications like:

  • GitHub
  • Azure Repos
  • GitLab
  • Android Studio

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CafeTran is built for freelance translators, but it also includes the industrial-grade translation functionality that marks some of the bigger tools in the market. It also allows translators to accept jobs from clients that use tools such as SDL Trados, Wordfast, memoQ, and other large enterprise tools.

Its desktop client can run on Windows, Linux, and Mac, giving platform flexibility. It claims to use the system clipboard in such a way as to help translate PDFs more easily than other tools.

The company behind this tool is smaller than some of the others, but CafeTran still boasts a passionate and loyal userbase.

XTM Cloud

This web-based CAT tool is highly expedient and simple.

Digging deep into this translation software reveals that XTM supports MT, TM, terminology management, etc. It is the world’s leading cloud-based translation software that helps to translate texts and instantly makes them appear on the screen.

No more worrying about deadlines. XTM is excellent in managing project deadlines and localization of workflows.

That’s not all. XTM offers effortless communication to generate efficient translation management. it sends out automatic email notifications in a bid to scale down manual labor.

Furthermore, this tool can process common files and transform them into XML.


So which solution is the best for you?

There’s no easy answer. The solutions that complement your business processes, fill the gap in the present localization environment via integrations and built-in modules, and fulfill your particular requirements are best for you.

So research carefully and choose wisely.

About the Author: Harikrishna Kundariya is a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz  Technologies. His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.


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