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Our Localization Roundups often have a mix of old and new articles, but this time every article is hot off the presses, especially the first one . . .

International SEO Guide for Ecommerce: Optimizing Your Online Store

At time of writing, this fantastic article by Loren Baker on international SEO for ecommerce is 6 hours old. It’s actually a summary of a SEJ eSummit presentation by Aleyda Solis, International SEO and Founder at Orainti.

It covers international SEO specifically for three ecommerce platforms: WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento.

The author goes into detail on the benefits of using various URL structures for other languages and markets (which we also cover in our ebook on URLs). Finally, it also explains some of the difficulties related to hreflang tags, and it gives some suggestions on how to test and implement the tags on a large ecommerce site.

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Software localization best practice

This article is a brief introduction/10,000-foot overview of localization. It goes over the major stages of the localization project. (We also covered that topic regarding website localization in our article here.)

It further gives a brief overview of why it is important to design an app that can be easily and effectively localized later. For a short intro to software localization, read this article.

What Do You Know About App Localization?

Finally, another article in the “brief overview” genre, this one by Julia Delong. It’s a brief overview of how to do app localization.

It does a good job of explaining the difference between and relevance of app internationalization and app localization. The article also has some nice infographic-style images to summarize its ideas.

Finally it tells how localization fits in with a company’s growth strategy. Check it out to dip your toes into the world of app localization.

That’s our roundup for this week. Leave a comment below to share any great localization or translation articles you have read lately.

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