Having an accurate and culturally adjusted translation of your content is important for so many reasons. But, mostly, it will keep your branded materials from going viral for all the wrong reasons. We rounded up 16 funny, odd and bizarre translation mistakes, from slogans to menu items.

Directions That Got It Wrong:

Translation mistake
Translation Mistake
Translation Mistake
Translation MistakeTranslation Mistake
Translation Mistake

Product Labels and Slogans that Missed the Mark

Lego Translation Mistake
Translation Mistake on Kit Kat Wrapper
KFC Slogan Translation Mistake
Lays Potato Chip Translation Error

Unappealing Menu Items

Translation Mistake on food menu
Translation mistake on pizza menu
Translation mistake on bread lable
Translation mistake on take out menu
Translation mistake on restaurant menu

And The One that Didn’t Even Try

Translation mistake on food menu
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