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Developing your linguistic skills in a foreign language requires a lot of effort. And this is even more difficult when you are learning using boring techniques. Sure, grammar and vocabulary are necessary, but is repetition the only way to learn them? Here (infographic below) are some of the best ways to learn a language fast that will allow you to boost your language abilities in a meaningful and memorable way.

These ideas for language study will help you practice more than one skill at a time so that you boost your communicative abilities much faster.

Start Easy, Build From There

These exercises are presented in a progressive fashion. This means that you start with the simplest ones, and as you progress and build upon your previous knowledge, you will be able to start doing the more complex activities.

For example:

  1. Anyone with a basic knowledge of the alphabet and sound system of their target language can read a text out loud, even if it is at a rather slow pace and with some mistakes.
  2. But after some practice, one will start getting used to how the sound system of the language works and will be able to listen to interactive podcasts. In this way, you will be developing your listening and speaking skills at the same time!
  3. Then, as your proficiency evolves, you will be able to converse with other learners of the same language and maybe even have a native-speaking pen pal!
  4. When you reach the point where you can watch a movie in your target language, you will know that you are pretty close to your objective of communicating fluently in another language with others. So learning a language using Netflix can be a great way to boost your fluency and test your listening.
  5. And when you have the ability to read a story, summarize it, and tell that story to someone else using your notes, you will already be a very competent user of the language!

Check out the whole learning journey in this infographic from Language Trainers below, and start improving your communicative skills!

10 Best Ways to Learn a Language Fast—The Infographic

The 10 Best Ways to Learn a Language Fast, Infographic

Credit: Language Trainers

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The 10 Best Ways to Learn a Language Fast—Infographic Summary
  1. Read Aloud.
  2. Listen to interactive podcast.
  3. Converse with language partners.
  4. Pen pal exchanges.
  5. Read a story, then verbally summarize it.
  6. Read a story, then summarize it in writing.
  7. Watch a movie in the other language’s audio, along with subtitles.
  8. Outline a conversation with your language partner, then read it aloud conversationally and respond back and forth.
  9. Record yourself reading a passage, then transcribe your voice while you listen to the audio.
  10. With a language partner, read a story, write down the important points, read those points aloud, then have your partner do the same.

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