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Welcome to another Localization Roundup, a collection of some of the best articles about website and software localization from across the Internet. Here are some of the articles we found this week:

10 Website Mistakes That Kill Your SEO

The title of this excellent article doesn’t mention localization, but the whole post focuses on localization errors that can harm a website’s SEO. From specific issues such as mixing languages on a single page and language declaration errors, to more strategic issues such as lack of synchronization in global product and brand campaigns, this article gives some pieces of advice about multilingual websites that we haven’t often seen written about in other articles.

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Preparing Your Interface for Localization

This brief article from Apple Xcode documentation explains how to find text in your app that will not get localized properly with the other text, and it explains how to do pseudotranslations.

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Baidu SEO: A Guide to SERP Features & Ranking Signals

If you want to attract search traffic from Chinese Internet users, you must take the Chinese search engine Baidu into account. If you want to understand how to attract Baidu users, then this article by Dan Taylor is a must read. It explains Baidu SEO as well as the various features on a Baidu search results page.

(We featured another article by Dan Taylor about Baidu last time here.)


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5 Things Every Developer Should Know About Localization

Five basic tips for someone just starting to learn about localization.

That’s our roundup for this week. Leave a comment below to share any great localization or translation articles you have read lately.

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