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Welcome to another Localization Roundup, a collection of some of the best articles about website and software localization from across the Internet. Here are the articles we found this week:

What is continuous localization?

Continuous localization is “the art of making small repeating projects an automated and cost-effective effort.”

This article states that one localization company said that their average localization project was 63 words. In the old days with the “waterfall method,” software was released less frequently with more significant updates. That meant that localization needs were also larger and less frequent. But now with the popularity of the agile workflow, software is updated with shorter release cycles and smaller incremental changes.

With the old fashioned localization workflow, handling a large volume of tiny projects like this would waste hours of effort on project management with very little to show for it in the end.

This article explains the need for continuous localization and tells how it works.

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Translation on VDH website told Spanish-readers they didn’t need the COVID-19 vaccine

This story is a classic example of the danger of using raw Google Translate text for translating a website. It tells how the Virginia Department of Health declared on their Spanish FAQ webpage “la vacuna no es necesaria,” or “the vaccine is not necessary.”

Especially with health-related information, it’s critical to get accurate translations, so in these cases raw Google Translate or other raw machine translation can be, not only embarrassing, but also dangerous.

In a previous Localization Roundup with told how a Mexican tourism website had absurd translations for local place names. As long as machine translation is used carelessly, there will be news stories about the damage and/or embarrassment it caused.

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2021: The Year of Localization

COVID-19 has affected every business in profound ways. Since it has accelerated the world’s move to doing business online, localization is more important than ever.

This article by Augustin Prot at Weglot explains why now is the time to localize your website. Further it explains the importance of localization being supported by technology that automates the process to make it more efficient.

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Improving retail CX through localization

This second article by Augustin Prot that we’re sharing this week explains how important localization is for customer experience in retail. It also explains how localization is more than mere translation.

That’s our roundup for this week. Leave a comment below to share any great localization or translation articles you have read lately.

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