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Welcome to another Localization Roundup, a collection of some of the best articles about website and software localization from across the Internet. Here are the articles we found this week:

5 tips for global software sales my team learned the hard way

This article shares a personal experience of global software sales with lots of tips and best practices mixed in along the way.

The article starts with the great observation that although the core team at his company all spoke English, they found that it was wrong to assume that their target customers would also be comfortable with English. The author also gives some great advice on how to do cost benefit analysis for potential international markets to expand into.

Modern Localization Workflows: A Deep Dive into 11 Real-World Cases (Part One)

This article, the first in a two part series (second part below), explains the localization workflows used by Transifex’s customers.

An interesting tidbit includes the fact that nine out of the 11 customers surveyed use APIs to connect to translation management systems (TMS) rather than performing manual file uploading.

Another interesting idea brought up is the two localization publishing strategies of “once fully ready” and “once available.” “Once fully ready” means that the localized application or website has been fully translated, reviewed, and corrected before it is published. “Once available” means that the localized content is published as a first draft like a minimum viable product with the expectation that further review and correction will take place and the product will be updated at that time. Obviously one method has the benefit of polish while the other has the benefit of speed.

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How 11 Top Companies Approach Localization Strategy & Workflows (Part Two)

This second part of Transifex’s two part series on localization workflows shares some big takeaways from their customer interviews.

A major theme is the role of automation in reducing time spent on project management functions. Automation is particularly important in TMS integration but it’s also seen in other areas such as quality assurance as well.

It also notes that localization is being considered earlier and earlier in the product development workflow. Six of the 11 customers said that they plan to start the localization process while still in the design phase even before starting development. “From these customer interviews and daily interactions with our customers, it is clear that localization is an active priority in their development cycles,” the article says.

Shopify rolls out support for international domains and multiple languages with a focus on SEO

Shopify, the e-commerce platform, has rolled out international domains, which means that customers can manage multiple domains with a single Shopify account.

Further, Shopify automated hreflang implementation, which is notoriously difficult to maintain manually.

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That’s our roundup for this week. Leave a comment below to share any great localization or translation articles you have read lately.

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