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IVANNOVATION Language Management has launched its new website to reflect its evolving role in the foreign language translation and localization market. The site presents the company’s expanded range of services, including translation, localization, and interpretation. It also publishes regular articles about the translation industry, international business, and localization best practices.

“Since we have evolved from a software localization-only company into a full-service translation, localization, and interpretation services company, we wanted a website that reflected that in a simple and organized way,” says Yuri Ivanov the president and CEO of IVANNOVATION. “We are delighted with our new site, not only with its improved organization, but also with its attractive design.”

The new website features:

  • A description of services along with new and expanded sections on interpretation and translation for the engineering and construction industries.
  • Translation- and localization-related e-books, tools, and templates as downloadable resources for individuals and businesses.
  • A regularly updated blog with information and actionable advice about international business, translation, and localization of software and websites.

The new site retains the company’s traditional color scheme but has jettisoned the angular and photo-heavy design from the previous site in favor of a rounded and illustration-based design with a strong thematic emphasis on communication.

It was designed and implemented by Engenius, a Greenville, South Carolina web design and digital marketing company.

IVANNOVATION hopes the website will be a go-to resource for language services consumers to learn more about how to reach the world with their messages, products, and services.

IVANNOVATION Language Management is a premier translation and localization provider of user interface, documentation, and marketing materials for software, web development, manufacturing, automotive, law, construction, aerospace, HR, and other industries. IVANNOVATION’s professional translators are subject matter experts in various fields and are able to provide accurate translations for complex topics. By using the latest technologies in the translation industry, the company is able to handle unusual file formats as well as recycle translated text strings, ensuring that its customers never have to pay twice for translation of the same sentences. The company has been helping its clients bridge borders and communicate accurately and effectively in dozens of languages since 1998.

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