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The COVID pandemic was, and still is, a massive trial for all businesses worldwide. However, no one can deny that it highlighted all weaknesses in business processes and logistics and showed that today, any company that wants to succeed must go global.

Physical borders matter very little in the world of international trade. And even with all the challenges of shipping internationally during the pandemic, it’s only selling to various audiences that can save small and medium businesses.

But going global can be extremely expensive for them, mainly due to localization. That’s where AI tech can make a huge difference. Combining AI-powered solutions with top-quality localization services is the key to enabling SMEs’ globalization.

Read on to learn how AI is making globalization easier and cheaper and more effective.

Human in the loop—AI and globalization

AI technology is the servant of top human talent. AI can make humans work more efficiently and accurately.

How AI Technology Is Making Globalization Easy

There can be no doubt that software localization is extremely important. Therefore, businesses should never skimp on professional translation and localization services when they want to go global. Indeed, content translation and localization are better done by humans.

However, there are many other ways AI-powered tech can help small and medium businesses (SMEs) that want to go global.

  • Expand digitally through platforms like eBay using AI-automated export services. Doing this will allow you to target customers from multiple countries effectively. In addition, online marketplaces themselves enable worldwide shipping and payment processing.
  • Cutting the cost of translation services is possible with top-grade AI tech. Note that your most important content still should be localized by human translators. However, you can use AI-powered translation solutions when chatting with customers/suppliers/business partners from abroad. This way, you’ll reduce possible issues and losses caused by miscommunication.
  • Improve your global trade negotiations using AI-powered analysis tools. They enable you to understand foreign markets and international trade trends. Therefore, you are more likely to come up with a better negotiation strategy.

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  • AI-powered technology is beneficial for efficient supply chain management. AI systems can monitor and respond to any issues in real-time. Therefore, you’ll be able to improve the quality of service greatly. And you won’t incur substantial extra costs.
  • Using AI to automate a variety of routine tasks will free up the time and resources of your staff. It’s essential to avoid hiring too many new employees when you are expanding globally.
  • Increase the accuracy of your bookkeeping and efficiency of various processes using AI solutions for computing.
  • Use AI-powered chatbots to cut the cost of multilingual customer support. Let the chatbots take care of minor issues so that you reduce the workload on outsourced international call centers.
automation with localization, Woman with laptop

Use AI and automation for repetitive detail oriented tasks to take advantage of computers’ strengths, and use humans for creative tasks to take advantage of their strengths.

Challenges of Using AI Tech When Going Global

The power of AI technology is immense. However, using that power can be a challenge in itself. Today, many small and medium business owners believe that AI is some impossibly complex futuristic tech that costs a fortune. That’s why they are missing a chance to start implementing this tech right now.

The truth is, AI is much more accessible than one might believe. You only need to consult an experienced artificial intelligence software development company to see how to grow any kind of business with AI. After that, it’s all about how exactly you are going to use it.

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For example, basic chatbots are easily affordable, and so are many AI-powered automation tools. In addition, when you work with a professional AI software development service, you can create a solution that will meet your exact needs and fit within your budget. Yes, it might not use the full power of AI tech that exists. But it’ll be the first step, which will help you start selling internationally and raise revenue. Then, you can use this extra income to invest in better tech and move forward.

All things considered, the only true challenge of using AI tech is to find a reliable AI software development company. So, be sure to do detailed market research and compare the options. Remember, it’s essential to work with a developer that will be flexible and understand your needs and requirements.

However, thinking of small businesses today, this means that adopting AI-powered solutions now can make you one of the leaders of the future. The important thing here is to act fast and use this tech with utmost efficiency.

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How AI Impacts the Global Economy: Now and in the Future

AI already has a great impact on the global economy. This technology is transforming a variety of industries making many tasks redundant. Moreover, it allows maximizing efficiency in many jobs that humans previously handled. For example, AI can greatly reduce the losses caused by calculation mistakes. It can also streamline business processes increasing productivity by a large margin.

By providing such a positive influence, AI-powered tech is literally revolutionizing many industries. From manufacturing, where machines take over labor-consuming tasks, to basic customer support, AI is used to massive success.

However, experts from the United Nations University aptly noticed that the advantages of AI tech increase inequality. Companies and countries that already implement the power of artificial intelligence for growth receive a significant advantage. In fact, even the minimal use of AI-powered tech can help one get so far ahead that competitors won’t be able to chase you.

In the context of the global economy, this might mean that developed countries will become the ‘guardians’ of AI. Meanwhile, developing countries will remain hopelessly behind, unable to achieve a sufficient level of technology.

man with 3 big screens. AI tools for globalization

If you don’t adopt new technology in good time, you may find yourself left behind. Then it will be even harder to catch up with the competition.

Bottom Line: Small Businesses Can Go Global with the Power of AI

Whether you plan to start a business from scratch in another country or make your SMT global by expanding to new markets, you’ll face many localization challenges. It will never be enough to simply do a basic translation for your website content and various instructions you include in the product packaging.

If you want your products to be successful abroad, you must localize them and your marketing campaigns. It’s necessary to not only reach broader audiences in a different country. You also have to do this to make a greater impact on consumers and grow brand loyalty.

AI technology makes this kind of global transformation more affordable and achievable for smaller businesses. It’s also the technology that is sure to govern global markets in the future. Therefore, you mustn’t miss your window of opportunity right now. Act to integrate AI into your services fast as it’s still affordable enough to do so. This situation might change as AI tech prevails and becomes less accessible to businesses without a huge budget.

About the Author: Abhishek Jain is a seasoned leader with 25+ years of business transformation expertise, digital marketing, and technology solutions for the US and global marketplaces.

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