Why Ivannovation?

Clear, logical, accurate, and helpful: that is the kind of user guide or product manual that users want to consult when they are learning to use a new product. Likewise, they want to navigate a clear and natural user interface. Why would you offer your foreign language users anything less?

Precise, to-the-point, and professional: such is the kind of proposal that you want to deliver to your prospective international client. After all, the possibility of getting a lucrative contract is riding on your proposal and its associated translated documents.

Regardless of the type of document: IVANNOVATION’s professional translation services make your content lucid and accurate so that it works for your company’s image —not against it.

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Your premier source
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With its network of translation professionals, all native speakers of the target language and experts in translation of technical documents. IVANNOVATION is uniquely positioned to localize user guides, documentation, proposals, and marketing materials for the software, construction, and manufacturing industries as well as user interface for websites, apps, and software programs.

Our customer-first ethic also makes us a favorite for certified legal translation of certificates, transcripts, licenses, and other personal documentation.

Our satisfied customers attest to the quality of our work. Over the years we have completed projects for companies including Coca-Cola, Sealed Air / Cryovac, Infor Global Solutions, General Electric, and Datastream Systems.

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Google translate is useful for people who want to figure out what a foreign language text is saying. However, it is not appropriate for companies to use to translate for their customers. Readers can instantly tell if a document has been translated with a service like Google Translate. Sentences are disjointed. Words are out of place. Expressions are mistranslated.

If you use a service like Google Translate to produce content in another language for your users, you will mislead and confuse them. It will signal to users that your company does not care about quality. IVANNOVATION ’s human translation professionals will understand the deep meanings behind words and idioms, translating them idiomatically and accurately in an understandable way.

Hiring an acquaintance who speaks a little of the target language is also rarely the best localization solution. If that person is not a native speaker of the target language, he or she could make absurd sounding mistakes, hurting your company’s reputation.

Further, if that person does not understand your industry, that person may not understand industry-specific words, translating them incorrectly.

What’s more, asking a colleague to translate has hidden costs. Translation takes time, and any time your colleagues spend translating and not doing what they were hired for, is a drain on the bottom line.

IVANNOVATION’s translators are not only native speakers of the target language, they also understand software and technical translations. They are uniquely qualified to translate for your users.

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IVANNOVATION believes that  quality translations reflect not only care for the customer but also concern for the bottom line.  Contact us today for a free consultation on your language project.