Are you a top-notch writer with expertise in translation, languages, international business, or tech? We’d love to hear what you’d like to offer. IVANNOVATION publishes high-quality actionable content about these topics and more. If you would like to contribute an article, read our guidelines carefully and then submit a guest post pitch using our form below.

Our Topics

IVANNOVATION is a translation and localization company that focuses especially on serving the software development, web development, engineering, construction, and marketing industries. Therefore our blog also focuses on translation and localization in these industries as well as languages and international business.

We are open to considering articles about some of the following topics:


IVANNOVATION does not accept mediocre articles from article mills. We accept only carefully researched, grammatical articles that help and inform our readers. A good guest post should be:

  • Grammatical
  • Accurate
  • Full of interesting facts, statistics, and stories
  • Specific, not general
  • Unique. It must not be published elsewhere on the Internet.
  • Ethical. The content may not be plagiarized!
  • Helpful to our readers

For a taste of the kind of articles we publish, read some of the blog articles below.


Our readers are CEOs, marketing managers, developers, engineers and other business people who need to know how to best deal with language translation issues and how to deal with customers, vendors, and partners in other countries.

They are busy and need concise, clear, and actionable answers to their questions. They like these answers presented in an interesting, easy-to-digest format.

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