Success Stories

Getting great translations isn’t easy.

You need to find a translation solution that doesn’t break the bank. You want translators that will give you great customer service, taking personal interest in your needs. Most of all, you have to avoid hiring unqualified translators who exaggerate their abilities to make a buck at your expense.

IVANNOVATION has solved these problems for numerous customers over the past two decades. We help you save money. We provide great customer service. And we use expert translators who are not only native speakers of the target language but who also understand the terminology of your niche.

Success Story 1 — How to Save $30,000

One client requested quotes from three translation companies for translating about 270,000 words of supply chain management software user guides from English to Japanese.

Along with the new user guide that the client needed to translate, the client also gave us the old user guide in English and Japanese.

So we had two challenges:

  • provide excellent translations
  • save our customer money

To do this we gave the previous version of the user guide and its translation to our engineer. He then matched each sentence in the source text with its translation. Next we created a translation memory database from the aligned segments (client confirmed that previous translations were reliable).

Finally we pre-translated the new version of the user guide with the translation memory that we had created.

As a result, we translated almost 60% of the project without a translator ever touching it. We then gave the client our quote for translating the remaining 40% of the user guide.

Our client immediately accepted the quote. Why?

None of the other translation companies created a translation memory from previous translations. Just by doing careful analysis and preparation of the project, and being candid with the client that their translations can be reused, we undercut their quotes by about $30,000.

We know good translations are expensive. That’s why we save our customers money in any way we can. Can we save $30,000 for you?

Airplane Translation Success Stories

Success Story 2: Par Avion

We treat small projects with the same amount of care as we treat large projects. Unlike the major airlines, which choose in-frequent flyers to bump off of flights, we send small projects flying into your inbox with the same amount of care as we treat large projects.

Once we literally sent the project flying to the customer.

A customer needed a one page document translated from Russian to English. It was an urgent request; the customer needed the original hard copy from the translator on Monday morning.

Recognizing that no delivery service would be able to get it to the customer on time, one of our project managers took a small airplane to pick up the document and bring it back to the customer on Sunday afternoon.

We may not always be able to fly documents here and there, but we do care about our customers’ needs.

Success Story 3: Expertise and Scalability

The following story is a typical project for us.

We translated an ERP system into 20 languages, 12 of which the client had never translated before.

The project included the user interface and the accompanying user guide. They were about 50,000 words and 200,000 words respectively.

Since this project was a specialized technical product, we assigned translators who were experts in software and ERP systems. After about six months, we delivered the project to the customer.

As with this project, we always assign translators who are experts in the subject matter of the material being translated. Further, in the case of an expedited timeline, we can divide the projects among translators so that your company has a translation solution that is able to scale up to finish large projects on time.

User Interface Localization Services

Afraid to hand your precious content to just anybody to translate?

We’re not just anybody.