With our vast experience helping clients introduce products in new markets, IVANNOVATION has unique insights into how to do a successful foreign launch. If you want to expand your company’s reach, but don’t know where to start—or simply have no time to manage the task of having your product translated or localized, contact us. We will analyze your situation, identify your needs, and recommend the best plan of attack.

As part of the consultative process, we will:

  • Explain procedures, rules, and details related to the goal you want to achieve.
  • Advise on a sequence of action steps to reach your target market.
  • Design a complete translation and localization strategy to streamline the process, decrease cost, and increase quality as you bring your product to foreign markets.

Armed with our assessment you will become an educated consumer on a vast translation market. Of course, by the end of the consultation, we’re confident you’ll look to IVANNOVATION for your translation and localization needs.