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Legal documents are important. Livelihoods and fortunes can ride on the outcome of court cases and legal procedures. That means that translations of legal documents are also important because they change foreign language materials into the languages of decision-makers.

When the outcome of your case depends on the accuracy of a translation, it would be rash and unwise to give the documents to unqualified translators.

Those in the legal industry, such as attorneys in law firms or corporate legal departments, know that only certified translations by experienced legal translators are acceptable. Individuals with personal legal issues—such as immigration proceedings, court cases, tax audits, or such—should demand no less. Only qualified translators, at ease with the legalese, so to speak, should be allowed to influence the outcome of your case.

IVANNOVATION’s legal translators have experience and knowledge to translate the documentation that is so vital to your case.

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Certified and Notarized Translations

Certified Legal Translation

Frequently, lists of documents required for legal matters will stipulate that translations of certain documents must be certified.

What is a certified translation? A certified translation is a translation that comes from a professional translation firm along with a certificate that states that it has been translated by a competent translator. The certificate also includes contact information for the firm as well as the qualifications of the translator.

Do you need a certified translation? Let us know when you request a quote. IVANNOVATION will provide certified translations upon request.

Notarized Legal Translation

Many legal documents must not only be certified, but also notarized. If you require a notarized translation, we will first have a qualified translator translate your document. Then we will issue a certificate attesting to the accuracy of the translation. Finally, we will have a notary public sign and stamp the certificate. This notarized document is valid in all 50 states in the USA.

If the document is for use in another country, an apostille, which is issued by the Secretary of State, may be required.

Do you require a certified or notarized translation? Let us know in the “Get a Free Quote” form.

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We Translate Legal Documents Such As

Academic Transcripts | Adoption Papers | Affidavits | Annual Reports | Apostille | Arbitration Documents | Articles of Incorporation | Audit Reports | Birth Certificates | Consent Forms | Contracts | Copyright | Corporate Agreements | Death Certificates | Depositions | Diplomas | Driver’s Licenses | Foreign Statutes | Immigration Documents | Investment Protocols | Judicial Proceedings | Legal Notices | Licenses | Licensing Agreements | Litigation | Marriage and Divorce Certificates | Medical Records | Mergers and Acquisitions | Non-Disclosure Agreements | Passports | Patents | Police Interviews | Power of Attorney | Prison Phone Calls | Protocols & Patents | Regulatory Documents | Stakeholder Information | Summons and Complaints | Tax Documents | Terms & Conditions | Wills | Wire Taps | And More . . .

Areas of Expertise

Immigration is both exciting and intimidating. Immigrants have the opportunity to move close to their families or build a new career in a new land.

However, complex immigration laws mean that immigrants and their lawyers must complete pages of USCIS forms and collect dozens of documents and certificates. They must prepare and translate documents such as police statements, birth certificates, marriage certificates, bank statements, drivers licenses, the list goes on.

But IVANNOVATION has years of experience in professional translation of documents like these. Although immigration laws may be complex, getting the necessary translations shouldn’t be. Contact us to get started.

A patent protects the results of your creative and investigative effort. Without patents in place in the countries in which you do business, all of your time and investment can be for nothing after other companies take your ideas for their own profit.

As as you seek to apply for a patent in other countries or to pursue patent or intellectual property right infringement cases, IVANNOVATION is your partner. Our translators are experienced in translating all types of patent-related documents across various industries.

For more information about how we work with you in international patent cases, reach out to us using our contact form.

Partnership is undeniably powerful for any enterprise. That’s even more so when a company wants to market a product in another country. Local partners are typically better prepared to understand the local market, law, and customs.

But in order to effectively partner with a foreign entity and assure a win-win outcome, the two parties must agree to an effective licensing agreement. The agreement must protect the interests of the licensor and at the same time allow the licensee to produce and/or sell goods, use a trademark or brand, or make use of patented technologies that belong to the licensor.

In order to avoid misunderstandings over scope and responsibility, profit and liability, or whatever, the license agreement must be clear and accurate in whatever language in which it is written. IVANNOVATION’s legal translators put their knowledge and experience to bear on documents such as license agreements so that you can put your mind at ease.

Business could not exist without contracts and a certain level of trustworthiness of contracting partners. If one or more of the partners turn out to be less than trustworthy, the contract must be enforceable by law so that the offended party has recourse and protection.

Given the importance of contracts, their wording must be precise. Some of what we call legalese is simply language that is as precise as possible so that there will not be any doubts as to the meaning of the contract.

International contracts must also be precise as well as translations of those documents. They must carry the exact meaning intended by the source document. Often the source document is considered the primary document, which is enforced. However, even if the translation is only supplementary, an inaccurate translation has the potential of severely misleading one of the parties into signing something against their interest.

Contracts must be translated by professionals who understand legal jargon and the legal profession. IVANNOVATION has professional translators with years of expertise in legal translations.

Mergers often allow two companies with different strengths and weaknesses to be better together. Acquisitions often allow a larger company to acquire a smaller company for technology or resources that they need in order to compete. Regardless of whether it is a merger or an acquisition or whether it’s “friendly” or “hostile,” the action must be taken carefully with accurate documents that lay out exactly the terms of the agreement.

From the letter of intent, to the merger agreement or asset purchase agreement, to the covenants, to the termination rights, to the indemnification provisions, all documents must accurately represent the intent of the parties. Without following legal best practices many companies have been embroiled in years of litigation.

IVANNOVATION’s legal translators have the experience necessary to ensure that you receive accurate translations of your merger and acquisition related documents.

Security and Confidentiality

Confidentiality is important for many translation users. But when it comes to legal translations, this can be especially vital.

Yet not every translation method is secure. Few people know that Google Translate’s user agreement stipulates that Google is able to store and use whatever text you send through its machine translation engine. Likewise, with cloud translation services the information is placed in the hands of numerous translators.

How can you be sure that your highly sensitive documents will be treated with confidentiality?

For customers who require a secure and confidential translation, IVANNOVATION starts with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) as a promise of our professional responsibility towards the integrity of your documents.

We do not crowdsource translate classified or confidential documents. Nor do we upload them to insecure translation engines like Google Translate to get the gist. Nor do we upload your translation pairs to shared translation memories.

IVANNOVATION hosts your translation data on a secure dedicated server and uses professional translators that are committed to data security. When you work with IVANNOVATION, you can be sure that your data will not be leaked or passed on to unauthorized individuals.

Our clients trust us to provide safe and secure translation services.

  • Who Will Translate My Documents?

    IVANNOVATION has professional translators around the world. They are experts not only in linguistics but also in the field of work or study of the documentation to be translated. For example, only legal experts can accurately translate legal documents.

    The translators are also always native speakers of the target language, that is, the language that the document will be translated into. We would never hire an American French student to translate documents into French. We would hire only a native French professional translator to translate the document into French.

    If a high volume of translation is needed at a low cost and if accuracy is not essential, machine translation options are available. This is a good choice for legal teams to scan through a large group of documents for content discovery. Those documents that are deemed most relevant to the case can then be sent to a professional translator to translate accurately.

    Regardless of the language or the application, IVANNOVATION has expert translators standing by for your project.

  • What Is a Certified Translation?

    A certified translation is a translation that comes with with a signed certificate stating that a professional translator has completed the work and that it has been done accurately. The certificate will include contact information so that the translator and agency are accountable for the accuracy of their work.

    A notarized translation goes through a second step; the certificate is notarized by a notary public. Notarized translations are accepted nationwide.

    If the translation is needed for use in a foreign country, an apostille may be required, which is issued by the Secretary of State.

    Let us know if you need a certified or notarized translation when you request a quote, and we will provide the certificate as needed.

  • How Much Does Legal Translation Cost?

    The quick answer is: send us the documents, and we’ll give you a free quote. Why is it hard for us to just put a set price per page on our website?

    Well, the cost of a translation depends on the language that the document is being translated into and from. Different language pairs have different prices, which depend on the availability of translators of those languages as well as the cost of living in the regions where most of those translators live.

    It also depends on the type of source documents. Excel or Word Documents are typically easier and cheaper to translate. However, images including text or audio recordings that must be transcribed and translated cost more due to the additional work involved.

    Finally, the cost depends on the volume and how much of the text has already been stored in translation memory. For example, if an old version of a software user guide has been translated in the past, the previously translated sentences can be translated automatically for free whereas the small percent that has changed in the new version must be translated by a human translator.

    In order to get an accurate sense of the cost of your translation job, let us have a look at your documents and give you a quote.


IVANNOVATION legal translations

Large Enterprise Tech—Mom-and-Pop Service

IVANNOVATION stays abreast of the latest advancements in the translation industry.

But don’t let our large enterprise techniques deceive you. We take a mom-and-pop approach to customer service, treating every customer’s project with the same attention that they themselves do.

Did we ever tell you about that time one of our project managers flew his personal airplane on a Sunday to pick up a notarized translation and deliver it to the customer before her meeting on Monday? That happened.

Professional Translators

Believe it or not the average German speaker doesn’t make a good translator. Only native German speaking professional translators make good German translators. And if the project is in a specialized field, the translator needs to be a subject matter expert.

Our translators are:

  • Native speakers of the target language
  • Professional translators with years of experience
  • Experts in fields such as law, construction, technology, etc.

You can rest assured that IVANNOVATION’s translators have the linguistic and professional experience to translate your project accurately.

Industry Best Practices

Careful methodology and industry best practices allow IVANNOVATION to serve its customers with efficiency, quality, safety, and reliability.

Regarding efficiency, our translation tools make use of historical translations to give you savings as well as to build up a translation database for your future use.

These tools also ensure quality as they flag quality issues, and they help enforce consistency of language throughout your documents.

Our data security protocol ensures the safety of your information. Our systems are hosted on secure dedicated servers to protect the confidentiality of your data, and they are frequently backed up to protect against data loss.

Finally, our service is reliable since our large pool of available translators can step in in case of emergency to get your project done on time.

IVANNOVATION strictly follows translation industry best practices to give you the best possible value and quality.

legal translation industry best practices

A professional translator is waiting for your project.