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Welcome to another Localization Roundup, a collection of some of the best articles about website and software localization from across the Internet. Here are the articles we found this week:

Make Your WordPress Site Multilingual With these Translation Plugins

WordPress is a great CMS for anyone who wants to build a multilingual website. It has a huge ecosystem of plugins that can extend the functionality of the site in countless ways, including translating it into other languages.

WPML is probably the best known plugin for localizing WordPress sites, but this article lists six others and gives each an overview. Some of them are designed for facilitating machine translation of the site, which we don’t recommend, but most of them can also facilitate localization with professional human linguists.

If you are planning to localize your WordPress site, this article will help you select the best localization plugin to install.

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Jon Henshaw about hreflang, Coywolf and Apple on the Yoast SEO Podcast

Joost de Valk and Jon Henshaw cover a lot of ground in this podcast about SEO, but one of the most interesting parts was their discussion on hreflang tags.

Henshaw built a website simply for the purpose of testing how various elements affect search engine ranking, and surprisingly in his experiment hreflang tags were not very effective at getting the right pages on his site to show up in the correct search results for the language and locale.

Regarding hreflang, he said, “I would still use it because it’s still technically considered a best practice, but that was the thing that did not work consistently.”

It will be interesting to see what happens with hreflang in the future, whether it will become more consistently effective or will become less so.

Get the full context of this finding as well as more info about international SEO by listening to the podcast or reading the show notes at the link below.

International SEO for 2021 & Beyond: 9-Point Checklist for Success

This article by Thomas Bogh from is full of great advice about international SEO.

One great point is that using raw machine translation is likely to hurt your rankings, not help them. If you want to localize your website, be sure to use professional human translators in order to have the best quality language.

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That’s our roundup for this week. Leave a comment below to share any great localization or translation articles you have read lately.

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