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We are devastated and heartbroken to see images of war in Ukraine daily broadcasted and shared in social media.

Wars are always tragic, and besides the casualties they cause, they also lead to the migration of thousands of refugees carrying little more than the clothes on their backs.

To date the war in Ukraine has forced more than half a million Ukrainians to flee to surrounding countries such as Poland, Moldova, Slovakia, and Romania. (Update: as of March 17, 2022 the number of refugees is estimated to be around 3 million.)

Ukraine scenery

IVANNOVATION is doing its part to support innocent victims of the war in Ukraine. We are mobilizing our Ukrainian translators to help translate refugees’ personal documents for immigration purposes.

We are also participating in translation of documentation for medical devices and supplies into the Ukrainian language to help doctors and nurses in the region provide life-saving services to the injured.

To any non-profit organization needing urgent translation of documents related to this crisis we offer free custom machine translation services and steeply discounted professional human translation services.

Our hearts and prayers are with those whose lives are being upturned by the conflict, whose possessions have been destroyed, and most of all who are today mourning the loss of loved ones.

While we hope for the war to end soon, IVANNOVATION is taking action now to alleviate suffering by using our language services to support the Ukrainian people.