IVANNOVATION is proud to sponsor the Global Fluency Training and Regional Forum co-hosted by Ten at the Top and the World Affairs Counsel Upstate program of Upstate International. The event will take place on April 27, 2017, at the BMW Zentrum.
Global Fluency Training and Regional Forum hosted by World Affairs Council Upstate and Ten at the Top
The event includes two segments: a half-day training workshop and a forum. The workshop, capped at 25 participants, runs from 10 AM to 2 PM. The workshop registration fee of $150 includes the admission price for the forum in the afternoon.
The afternoon forum runs from 2:30 PM to 4:30 PM and is followed by a networking reception. The tickets for only the forum and networking cost $10.

Global Fluency

Global fluency refers to the ability to understand and communicate with members of other cultures from around the world.
The South Carolina Upstate is home to almost 600 companies, which represent 36 countries. That means that international collaboration is becoming increasingly important to the economy of the South Carolina Upstate. The purpose of the Global Fluency Training and Regional Forum is to help South Carolina’s business people to become even more adept at working with foreign customers and partners.

Event Details

The keynote speaker will be Brad Gosche, the Senior Director of the Global Fluency Institute, which is part of the Columbus (Ohio) Council on World Affairs.

Brad Gosche, Senior Director, The Global Fluency Institute

Brad Gosche, Senior Director, The Global Fluency Institute

Gosche earned his bachelor’s degrees in international studies and French from Miami University. He also has graduate degrees in French language, literature, and culture. As well as in linguistics from the Université François Rabelais in France and Bowling Green State University. He also has a graduate certificate in teaching English as a second language.
After the workshop, Gosche will have a panel discussion with Herrin Hood, Global Product Line Manager from Milliken, Susan Simmons, Director of Career Management Worldwide for Michelin, and Reid Lohr, Senior Managing Director of the EDI Group.

Importance for the Upstate

The South Carolina Upstate is becoming more international by the day. Not only foreign direct investment but also import and export, are staples of our economy.
According to the Upstate South Carolina Alliance 2016 annual report, United States’ export share of GDP was 10.9% in 2015, the Upstate of South Carolina’s export share of GDP was 18.3%, and in Laurens County, in particular, it made up 28.3%. Those are incredible numbers for this region.
That also means that South Carolina natives are coming in contact with immigrants and foreign business people with increasing frequency. Not only are people coming here, but also our people are traveling abroad on business. This global fluency event will prepare them to travel seamlessly between cultures and to act appropriately no matter what country they visit.
Teaching South Carolinians how to interact with people from other lands will only help our economy.
Any business people who frequently travel abroad or who hope to start opening up new markets will enjoy this Global Fluency training.

Hosting Organizations

Ten at the Top’s mission is to increase trust and cooperation with residents, business leaders, and elected officials to increase the economic vitality of the Upstate. The name of the organization refers to the ten counties in the northwestern corner of the state of South Carolina.
Ten at the Top Upstate South CarolinaUpstate International, according to its website, is a “non-profit organization that exists to empower people and businesses of all nations to thrive in the Upstate by connecting them through programs, events, and initiatives that foster the dynamic exchange of international cultures and ideas.”
Upstate International


The two events are also sponsored by BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, GSP International Airport, Fluor, WGTK-FM, GSA Business Report, and the Upstate SC Alliance.


To register for the workshop, the forum, and networking, click here.
To register for only the forum and networking, click here.

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