Let’s say that you hire someone off the Internet to translate a user guide for you. When you get the final translation, how do you know if it is correct? Unless you have a process in place to protect yourself, you will only find out about quality problems when it is too late–that is, when your customers complain about your unclear and garbled user guide.

Here at IVANNOVATION we have a two-step quality assurance process to ensure that you get a quality translation, both linguistically and technically.


We run every translation through a quality assurance program, and the results are analyzed by our project managers. This quality check focuses on technical errors in the document or corruption of the computer code in the document. Specifically it compares the source document and the translation to find mistakes with the numbers, formatting, or computer code. It also searches for extra spaces, repeated words, and spelling errors. Further it flags inconsistencies in the translation.


Optionally the customer can elect to have us deliver the translation over to a second linguist for review and editing. This step weeds out linguistic errors such as punctuation mistakes, grammar problems, or problems related to a misunderstanding of the source text.

Only after a meticulous vetting process will we deliver our translations over to our customer. We know that translation is all about customer satisfaction. We love to see the customers of our customers satisfied.

Think this level of accuracy is out of your budget?

Ask us and prepare to be surprised.