Imagine asking your uncle Hank when he comes back from vacation in Cancun to explain Enterprise Resource Planning software to a group of Spanish executives. First, does he know Spanish well enough to make sense on any topic? Will he sound polished with perfect command of the language? Second, does he even know what Enterprise Resource Planning software is? If he doesn’t, how do you expect him to speak clearly on such a difficult topic?

Well, if it’s so hard for Hank, how do WE produce great technical translations?

Great Technical Translations

There are two keys to getting great technical translations.


The translators need to be native speakers of the target language. Generally only native speakers have a full command of the idiom and connotation of a language and are able to speak naturally.  


The translators need to understand their topic. The further a translator gets from his or her own experience, the less accurate and readable the translation is. The resulting text can be completely misleading.

Knowledgeable Translators

Companies that employ just any old translator to translate user guides, documentation, and user interface are simply asking for inaccurate content and confused customers. A great company finds not only the best developers and engineers to create their product but also the best translators to make its product available its users.

IVANNOVATION believes that the way to get lucid and useful content is to have knowledgeable native speakers to translate it. That’s why all of our translators translate only into their native language. Further, we have translators with extensive experience translating for the IT and software industry as well as manufacturing, construction, engineering, and other fields.  Our clients can rest assured knowing that the translators working on their content understand exactly what it means and are making it clear in their own language.

IVANNOVATION’s translators focus on

  • IT
  • Software documentation
  • Help guides
  • User guide translations
  • User interface localization
  • Instructional materials
  • Training materials
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • HRM (Human Resource Management)
  • Construction
  • Construction proposals
  • Engineering
  • Blueprints
  • Et cetera

Ask us about our subject matter experts in your field of work.