Lack of efficiency results in wasted time and wasted money. Since time is money, all inefficiency hurts the bottom line. IVANNOVATION drives efficiency primarily in two ways.

Translation project management

The first way is with translation project management. We do document analysis. We do legacy translation alignments in order to lower project cost. We assign translators that are available for your project and uniquely qualified for it. We check on them throughout the course of the project. We run quality assurance checks. We export and deliver the project. In short, we engage in hours of management work, which means you don’t have to.

Unfortunately, in order to save money, some companies have their engineers or developers manage their translation projects, not realizing that project management takes them away from their real jobs. Our project managers free up your people to do what they do best while we do what we do best.


Translation memory management

The second way IVANNOVATION drives efficiency is with translation memory management. Translation memory pre-translates every line of text that has ever been translated for your products before. That means that if one sentence is in the original user manual translation and then in subsequent versions, the client will pay for translating that sentence only one time. Legacy translations can be automatically incorporated into every future translation project. Over the course of multiple updates, translation memory use results in massive savings for the client as well as a boost in consistency.

In the long run the most expensive and wasteful way to localise your content is to have your own company’s people, who should be focusing on other things, managing a series of ad hoc translation projects, which do not contribute to future savings.

In summary, we love to streamline the translation process for our clients by letting them do what they do best and by finding ways to save them money.

IVANNOVATION believes in making translation efficient for its customers, but actions speak louder than words; find out how we saved one customer $30,000.