Nothing is worse than consulting an inaccurate, poorly written user guide in order to solve a complex problem. It’s hard enough for expert copywriters to clearly distill complicated ideas down into English that users will understand. A translated document is one more step removed from that. If unqualified writers and translators write and localize a user guide, it very quickly turns into something like the telephone game. The joke is on the user, and it’s not funny.

That’s why IVANNOVATION obsesses over getting accurate translations.

Three Techniques for Accuracy


Terminology Standards

First, our translators follow our clients’ terminology standards. That way certain words will always be translated in the same way. In addition, product names will always have the same translation. Use of a term base to enforce terminology standards eliminates the possibility of different translations for the same word. Even on massive projects with many translators over a period of years, the terminology used remains accurate.


Translation Memory

Second, IVANNOVATION’s computer aided translation tools include a translation memory system, which suggests historical translations for any strings that have been translated before. Thus, the same sentences always translate the same way in the future. Use of these tools ensures consistency, but the benefit doesn’t stop there. The customer gets discounts for all strings that are similar to historical translations. These discounts add up to huge sums after several updates. That means customers get accurate translations for less.



Third, our translators communicate directly with our clients’ writers, engineers, developers, and project managers to ask questions about wording and meaning. This line of communication is  important for all translation projects. However, it is especially crucial for user interface translation since words are often used in isolation, leading to frequent questions like, “Is ‘base’ a noun, verb, or adjective?” Unlike many translation companies, IVANNOVATION is not afraid of letting our translators contact our customers. We not only allow it, but also encouraged the collaboration between our translators and our clients.

Think this level of accuracy is out of your budget?

Ask us and prepare to be surprised.